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    STARBOARD FOIL WAVE 1500 QUICK LOCK DT+TP (1500 X 270 X 72 X 67) 2020

    1124.25 CAD$

    Wave Classic For Lift and Steady Speeds The steady, maneuverable foil with a classic, lifty feel that comes from its extra-thick wing profile and extra deep concave. Wave Classic 1500 Front Wing Span: 78cm | 31″ Front Wing Area: 1500cm2 | 232 sq in Tail Wing Span: 38.5cm | 15″ Tail Wing Area: 230cm2 | 36 sq in Total…


    3499.00 CAD$

    IT’S HERE: FROM WEEKEND RACES TO OLYMPIC GOLD. LET THE BEST SAILOR WIN. “Lining up for race one was surreal, all the big names were present. Some of the best freestylers, PWA superstars and Olympic legends all on the line together was so, so ‘LIT’. It felt like the windsurfing community had connected back together…

  • Neilpryde Glide Surf Foil 2020

    999.00 CAD$

    GLIDE SURF creates a playground for building new surfing sensations. With a stable and fast take off no matter the surf conditions, the GLIDE SURF delivers superior gliding and controlled speed to ride waves as far as they can flow. On the wave, the Glide Surf allows you to fly through the sections and progress…