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    Ezzy Zeta 2022/2023

    819.00 CAD$909.00 CAD$

    ZETA SAIL SPECS   Zeta Luff Boom Boom No. of Ezzy Mast Base Weight Size (sq.m.) Med (cm) Min (cm) Max (cm) Battens Base/Top Extension (cm) Kg 3.7 359 139 148 5 340/370 6-8 2.87 4.0 369 143 152 5 370/370 8 2.98 4.2 379 148 157 5 370/370 10-12 3.05 4.5 390 152 161…

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    229.00 CAD$239.00 CAD$

    Product Details Stroke 96 is our latest design to perform like a full carbon paddle without the sticker shock. New blade shape improves performance dramatically with a smooth catch and a powerful stroke. Blade has ABS material internally laminated within to create a durable edge. Great performance without fatigue larger blades may cause. FEATURES ABS…

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    Ezzy Hydra Pro 2021

    619.00 CAD$659.00 CAD$

    WHAT IS DIFFERENT IN A FOIL SAIL? FOILING V.S. NORMAL WINDSURFING First off, because the foil can fly through the water with so little drag, the wind angles are different, which means that the apparent wind (the wind created by your movement) shifts forward. Second, you need a powerful sail to pump up onto the…

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    SEVERNE GATOR 2021-2022

    699.00 CAD$789.00 CAD$

    GATOR _PROGRESSIVE FREERIDE The Gator is an all-round freeride / freewave / blasting sail.  Gets you going fast, and maximizes stoke. IT’S RIGHT FOR YOU IF…  You want to plane early, gybe easily, and make the most of any conditions on freeride or freewave boards. THE TECH YOU GET. eM3 and eM4 premium X-Ply materials to minimize…

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    719.00 CAD$

    FREEK Dedicated freestyle performance. The Freek is designed to give maximum lift, stability and easy ducking. Higher aspect ratios improve lift. The 5 batten layout means more stability and wind-range, and by utilising our high-tech materials technology actually weighs less than most 4-batten sails. A dynamic relationship between luff curve and seam shaping enables the…

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    Severne Blade 2021

    709.00 CAD$839.00 CAD$

    BLADE CONTROL ORIENTED WAVE The 021 Blade is the benchmark 5-batten wave sail. A perfect blend of power and control. When you need dependable performance across a wide wind range you simply can’t beat the stability and control that 5 battens provide. Based on this fundamental we built the Blade to be the ultimate all-rounder…

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    Neil Pryde Atlas Pro/HD 2021

    829.00 CAD$

            Back in the CUSTOM PRINTING Our exclusive custom printing technology allows us to print the films prior to lamination, giving us the flexibility to use UV resistant multi-coloured custom graphics. The print is of minimal thickness, reducing weight and producing a higher definition of colour. During lamination, the printed side is…

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    Neil Pryde Combat HD/PRO 2021

    709.00 CAD$

    HIGHLIGHT TECHNOLOGY WHAT’S NEW? @robbyswift After the very positive results we had introducing Ultra Scrim in the top panel last year, we extended it down into the panel below for 2021 as well. Ultra Scrim is about 60% lighter than monofilm so this makes the top of the sail feel dramatically lighter. It also stretches…

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    Chinook Silver Hybrid 96- Adjustable 2PC

    199.00 CAD$

    Product Details The Chinook Silver Adjustable Carbon SUP Paddle is our latest design to perform like a 100% carbon paddle without the sticker shock. The blade shape improves performance dramatically with a smooth catch and a powerful stroke. Blade has ABS material internally laminated within to create a durable edge. Great performance without fatigue larger blades may cause….

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    229.00 CAD$

    The Chinook Sailing Thrust 82 Carbon SUP Paddle with ABS Edge uses a v-shaped channel to create a double dihedral for enhanced stroke stability and thrust. Oval shaft for extra strength, stiffness and easy alignment from handle to blade Modified Friction Lock provides infinite size settings

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    149.00 CAD$

    2 PC COMPOSITE PADDLE Our KAHUNA 2-piece composite paddle consists of a fiberglass matte finished shaft and rugged multiple front spline plastic blade. We added a rubber guard around the blade to not only protect your paddle but also your board. The 2-piece shaft offers infinite adjustment due to our KAHUNA power clip, the paddle…

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    Kahuna Carbon paddle

    259.00 CAD$

      1 PC Carbon Paddle We have re-designed and engineered our paddle blade shape with increased performance in mind. The updated “Tri-Spline” shape displaces more water with each paddle stroke for maximum speed and efficiency. For added protection, the blade also has an ABS guard built into the edge to help prevent chips and cracks….