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    69.00 CAD$

    KiteFixs best Seller! This repair package contains all you need to make temporary or permanent reparations yourself. Hand assembled in Canada with high quality products, KiteFixs repair kit is a Must to be added to your equipment. Includes: 1 Glufix tube (1oz), 2 self-adhesive dacron rolls (5each.), 1 Fiberfix tape (4), bladder ultra-adhesive patches (3x…


    15.00 CAD$

    FiberFix is the reinforcement fiber to be used with GluFix. This self-adhesive fiber increases up to 10 times the resistance of a repair. In order to have a permanent, ultra-resistant, esthetic repair in a record time, you simply have to join the 2 parts of a tear together with the FiberFix and add a layer…

  • Kitefix Replacement Strut

    19.00 CAD$30.00 CAD$

    Xtreme Bladders/Struts have been specifically developed to withstand any kind of abuse. They are 100% PU.The same material used by manufacturers. Xtreme Bladders/Struts are well known for their flexibility. When put under pressure they stretch and then quickly go back to their original shape.

  • Kitefix Replacement Leading Edge Bladder

    88.00 CAD$

    Want to add a fresh Leading Edge Bladder to your kite then grab yourself this replacement from Kitefix With the range of different lengths on offer here, you should be able to find a suitable Leading Edge Bladder replacement. Compatible with most kite-surfing brands. 21′ to 40′