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  • SEVERNE S-1 PRO 2024

    1542.00 CAD$2016.00 CAD$

    S-1 PRO MANOEUVRE ORIENTED WAVE The S-1 is a high performance 4 batten wave sail. The reduced batten count makes this sail light, flexible and responsive. The S-1 has more back-hand pressure than the Blade, ensuring there’s always some juice to go vert or launch moves. Both the S-1 and S-1 Pro have been developed…


    1617.00 CAD$2453.00 CAD$

    BLADE PRO CONTROL ORIENTED WAVE The Blade has defined the 5-batten wave sail category for 20 years. The latest 024 incarnation continues to refine and polish this proven performer. Delivering dependable performance across the widest possible wind range. A perfect blend of power and control. Both Blade and BladePro have been developed on an identical…