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    499.00 CAD$

    Already into its 3rd iteration, the Crosswing X3 sets a new standard in efficiency and on-demand power. Detailed work has been done by Cabrinha’s R&D team into the wing profile and new radial canopy panel layout to achieve our most high-performing and reactive wing to date. Through an increased leading edge diameter with load distributing centre…


    1169.00 CAD$1589.00 CAD$

    The gold standard in winging is back with its 4th generation design. Crafted for those who demand the best, the Mantis V4 is the pinnacle of stability, power and feel. With a focus being made towards power distribution and torsional control and cleanliness, the 04 Mantis marks the biggest evolutionary step for this iconic wing….


    1169.00 CAD$1789.00 CAD$

    DESIGN PROFILE High rigidity LE Inflatable, High reactive Dihedral with high lift profile, Medium AR and convex strut. FEATURES NEW: Convex strut for improved frame stiffness and extended TE canopy support NEW: graduated TE load distribution panel for improved efficiency of the loaded sail NEW: refined airfoil flow NEW: Spanwise load path panel layout NEW:…


    349.00 CAD$779.00 CAD$

    The ALFA is an easy planing sail that will accompany any beginner or dedicated improver for a very long time. It’s super easy to get out of the water and very easy to control on all courses as well as during manoeuvres. In sub planing conditions it really gives the rider something to hold on…

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    741.41 CAD$1529.00 CAD$

    Vision is a word that can mean multiple things.  It could be said that it relates to the increased range of sight that was incorporated into this new wing through strategic window placement, or  its new outlines, or it could mean the act of foresight to see where this incredible sport is going, and to…

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    794.25 CAD$1094.25 CAD$

    If there is one wing that has helped shape and define the sport, it’s the Mantis. Now in its 3rd generation the wing which set the benchmark for stability and rigidity has been further refined to maximize the true potential of wing foiling. Increased convex dihedral has helped expand the range of the Mantis by providing…

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    RRD KID JOY RIG MKVI (0.8m to 3.5m)

    293.99 CAD$365.99 CAD$

    DESCRIPTION First impressions count. When a kid feels the power of the wind for the time they can be hooked for life. That is why the Kid Joy makes this as easy to do as possible. All the focus is on producing a light and manageable rig that will see them flying across the water…

  • STARBOARD The Classic KIDS SAIL PACKAGE (1.2m to 2.0m)

    519.00 CAD$

    THE CLASSIC The SUP Windsurfing sail package is light, powerful and designed specifically for paddle boards, but is also an excellent choice for entry level windsurfers because of its versatility and durability. It comes with neatly packed in its bag, allowing for easy transportation and storage. Available sizes: The Classic 1.2 / 2.0 THE CLASSIC…