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  • NORTH SAILS NATURAL 7M 2004 (U-DOCO-231221-03)

    149.00 CAD$
  • GAASTRA COSMIC 7M 2016 W/UNIFIBER 460/POWER XT 28CM 7M 2016 (U-MABR-231017-05)

    399.00 CAD$
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    499.00 CAD$

    Already into its 3rd iteration, the Crosswing X3 sets a new standard in efficiency and on-demand power. Detailed work has been done by Cabrinha’s R&D team into the wing profile and new radial canopy panel layout to achieve our most high-performing and reactive wing to date. Through an increased leading edge diameter with load distributing centre…


    2369.00 CAD$2789.00 CAD$

    Apex noun: the highest point or most successful part of something. What can you do to an already incredible kite. You give it the Apex treatment. With a lighter feel and even more playful handling, the Moto X Apex version is a true testament to the Apex Series of kites. The use of Ultra HT…


    1959.00 CAD$2479.00 CAD$

    Often imitated, but never equaled, the Drifter remains the go to kite for anything to do with waves, directional boards. As the name suggests, the kite is synonymous with it’s Drift ability. Put it in position and ride down the line, the kite gives you the confidence to concentrate on the wave ahead instead of…


    1169.00 CAD$1789.00 CAD$

    DESIGN PROFILE High rigidity LE Inflatable, High reactive Dihedral with high lift profile, Medium AR and convex strut. FEATURES NEW: Convex strut for improved frame stiffness and extended TE canopy support NEW: graduated TE load distribution panel for improved efficiency of the loaded sail NEW: refined airfoil flow NEW: Spanwise load path panel layout NEW:…


    1879.00 CAD$2619.00 CAD$

    The Moto X is your ticket to good times. Whether you rider a twin tip or a surfboard, this kite will help you take your kiting to the next level and allow you to have the most fun on the journey. This Lite Series product gives you the added response and performance created through the…


    2079.00 CAD$2799.00 CAD$

    The longest running and most successful kite in the industry is back for it’s 17th year, and what a year it is. The kite that spawned not only a style of riding but also a whole generation of kiters has evolved into the highest performing Switchblade to date. Taking the known Switchblade DNA, the creatives…


    2339.00 CAD$2869.00 CAD$

    Last year we introduced the big air evolution of the Nitro to the kite market, and it delivered. One of the most anticipated kites, grasped the kite world by the horns and took riders to all new heights. For 04 the Nitro is back again and through the work of the Cabrinha International Big Air…


    1229.00 CAD$1379.00 CAD$

    Compared to traditional fin sailing you have approximately 70% less drag on the foil. We were the first brand to understand that it requires a totally different sail design (profile, twist pattern, aspect ratio) to match the low-drag hydrofoils. The most important factor for performance foil sails is the balance between control and performance/speed over…

  • ELEVEIGHT WS V7 2024

    1739.00 CAD$2279.00 CAD$

    THE WS WILL SYNC TO YOUR RHYTHM WITH SWIFT TURNING MAKING IT THE CHOICE FOR WAVE SEEKERS AND FREERIDERS ALIKE. PERFORMANCE FEATURES Open-C Hybrid performance kite for waves, freeriding and foiling Stable and stall-free for easy drift and carefree riding Precise and rapid for smooth tight turning Performs well in gusts across an enormous wind…

  • ELEVEIGHT RS+ V2 2024

    2649.00 CAD$3059.00 CAD$

    THE RS+ IS OUR ULTRALIGHT TOP-PERFORMANCE KITE, PACKED WITH THE MOST INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY FOR THOSE THAT SEEK THE ULTIMATE FREERIDE EXPERIENCE. PERFORMANCE FEATURES Precision high-tech freeride kite with an ultra-direct feel Superior and more durable with lightweight Dynea Tex fabric Easy handling with powerful lift and massive hang time Ultra-stable light construction efficient even in…

  • ELEVEIGHT XS V4 2024

    1969.00 CAD$2559.00 CAD$

    SMASHING YOUR LIMIT, THE XS HAS AN EXTREME BOOST THAT BREAKS BOUNDARIES IN BIG AIR! PERFORMANCE FEATURES Explosive lift and extra-long hangtime Stable even in serious Big Air boosts Massive grunt for the highest jumps in any condition Bombproof construction for ultra-durability Rapid yet controllable flight characteristics with direct feedback The XS is your ultimate…

  • ELEVEIGHT RS V7 2024

    1699.00 CAD$2569.00 CAD$

    THE RS IS OUR SIGNATURE POWERHOUSE, DESIGNED WITH ‘ONE-KITE-FITS-ALL’ VERSATILITY FOR LIMITLESS FREERIDE PERFORMANCE. PERFORMANCE FEATURES Precision freeride performance that’s versatile for all riding styles Impressive wind range with enhanced low-end capabilities Ultra-stable with a direct feel, efficient in any condition Massive hangtime and easy upwind travel Plug and play with fast, smooth turning characteristics…

  • ELEVEIGHT GT1+ 2024

    1399.00 CAD$1629.00 CAD$

    The GT1+ is the fresh new choice for wing foilers seeking a highly efficient, customizable ride that’s lighter and stiffer, delivering top wave and freeride performance. Features: Performance wave to freeride crossover wing New stiffer and lighter frame construction with XTC TEX material Dual infill panel for advanced profile support Intuitive drift stability when surfing…


    1099.00 CAD$1559.00 CAD$

    Experience pure excitment with the CYCLONE 2, the ultimate wing designed for those who value the lightest feeling possible and maximum stability in all conditions. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, the CYCLONE 2’s instant power and neutral balance make it a fantastic wing for all riders. We’ve improved the power distribution…

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    741.41 CAD$1529.00 CAD$

    Vision is a word that can mean multiple things.  It could be said that it relates to the increased range of sight that was incorporated into this new wing through strategic window placement, or  its new outlines, or it could mean the act of foresight to see where this incredible sport is going, and to…

  • NAISH PIVOT S28 2024

    1699.00 CAD$2699.00 CAD$

    The Pivot is the perfect fit for anyone who wants to do-it-all with one kite. This year, we have made performance changes that benefit the every day kiteboarder and pro riders alike. The new draft is optimized for performance based on kite size, providing more control and increased wind range. Aspect ratios have been fine…


    989.00 CAD$1443.00 CAD$

    GATOR _PROGRESSIVE FREERIDE The Gator is an all-round freeride / freewave / blasting sail. Gets you going fast, and maximizes stoke. IT’S RIGHT FOR YOU IF… You want to plane early, gybe easily, and make the most of any conditions on freeride or freewave boards. THE TECH YOU GET. eM3 and eM4 premium X-Ply materials…

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    794.25 CAD$1094.25 CAD$

    If there is one wing that has helped shape and define the sport, it’s the Mantis. Now in its 3rd generation the wing which set the benchmark for stability and rigidity has been further refined to maximize the true potential of wing foiling. Increased convex dihedral has helped expand the range of the Mantis by providing…