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    869.00 CAD$919.00 CAD$

    The brand-new E_PACE is exactly the kind of athletic freeride sails that makes windsurfing so fascinating and uncomplicated: easy to rig, accelerate like an e-motor and get into planing without pumping. Paired with competitive speed potential and the playful handling of a no-cam sail. This is pure windsurfing, with lots of thrust, speed AND the…

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    RRD FIRE Y26

    679.00 CAD$719.00 CAD$

    DESCRIPTION The ultimate in performance freeride. A completely redeveloped range of sails, changing from a 5 batten bump and jump, through to a 7 batten twin cam power house, each size tailor made for its conditions. Lots of low end juice to get you up and moving quickly and plenty of control at the top…