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    Completely redesigned for 2023, our most technologically advanced Slalom sail ever. Designed from the ground up with our new state-of-the-art 3D design software. Entire sail is modeled in 3D in its actual flying shape with twist and luff curve accounted for. Our quadruple luff panel allows us to align panels with the highest loads. Full…

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    NEIL PRYDE V8 2023

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    SAIL SPECS SIZE LUFF BOOM BASE WEIGHT BATTENS CAMS IDEAL MAST ALTERNATIVE MAST TOP FINISHING M2 CM CM CM KG 5.7 413 182/188 14 4.1 7 2 400 RDM Fixed Head 6.2 430 188/194 30/0 4.5 7 2 400 RDM 430 RDM / SDM Fixed Head 6.7 448 193/199 18 4.7 7 2 430 RDM…

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    Ezzy Hydra Pro 2021

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    WHAT IS DIFFERENT IN A FOIL SAIL? FOILING V.S. NORMAL WINDSURFING First off, because the foil can fly through the water with so little drag, the wind angles are different, which means that the apparent wind (the wind created by your movement) shifts forward. Second, you need a powerful sail to pump up onto the…