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The EVO CONVERTIBLE line can become the perfect companion of your first windsurfing days.
You can SUP this board as well as WINDSURF it.
Light, stable, easy to carry and to be stored back in its carry bag. Built only with the strongest and longer lasting and ultra light DROPSTITCH fabrics available today, the EVO CONVERTIBLE boards are the perfect choice for you and your family to start approaching Windsurfing and Sup with one board for all!
All the Evo Conv models are equipped with one 35 cm wide “click-on” center fin system to stay upwind and one standard US box fin on the tail of the board.
The safety device chamber also offers extra safety floatation for any emergencies.
The split crocodile EVA pad make keeps the weight of board down, and the new diamond low-profile PVC tail pad guarantees best grip in case of radical change of direction.

The ever popular Supsail just got compact. We applied all our development in the compact series to the Supsail to make possibly the smallest rigid windsurf rig ever. If you want a sail to pack up small and take advantage of those summer breezes the compact Supsail is the perfect solution.


  • Simple design – 1 or 2 batten design for simplicity and ease of rigging
  • Reduced rig pack size, can easily be carried on the back
  • Mechanical UJ – Specially designed for use with a SUP
  • Smallest size fits in less than 70cm high backpack
  • Provided with a multi piece mast, 2 piece boom, base and backpack.


The FLOW series is the perfect tool to improve your paddling technique. A full glass fiber paddle, CNC shaped with a high density PVC core blade, available in 2 o 3 pieces.
The blade is designed with a rigid spine positioned in the middle of the blade to speed up the water flow during the stroke. The surface of the blade is 92 SQI and it has an ABS rail around the entire edge perimeter of the blade to prevent damage on the board rails. It’s equipped with the new two pin lock anti twist clamp.
Thanks to its versatile shape it can be shared amongst family and friend.

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Poids80 lbs
Dimensions48 × 24 × 30 in

Windsup Model

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