Neil Pryde RS: Flight F4 2018


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UGS : FNP 19 RS FOIL FLIGHT F4 Catégories : , , , ,


Take to the air with the all-new RS:FLIGHT F4 from NeilPryde — an experience like nothing else. The RS:FLIGHT F4 foil is a no-compromise, performance carbon foil designed in collaboration with F4 USA.The RS:FLIGHT F4 is an evolution of the proven F4 windsurf hydrofoil design, already considered as the best wind-foil in the market with unmatched hydrodynamics.The RS:FLIGHT F4 has very stiff construction and low drag allowing the rider to use every gust for acceleration. It is delivered with two front wings for two flight modes: the High Lift Wing combines early take off and exceptional upwind performance with amazing stability, while the High Speed Wing delivers maximum speed and acceleration. RS:FLIGHT F4. There’s something in the air.