2019 Cabrinha 1X Fixed Quickloop TrimLite Control Bar


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2019 Cabrinha 1X Fixed Quickloop TrimLite Control Bar

What Cabrinha has to say about the Fixed Quickloop TrimLite Bar

Every rider from beginner to pro who uses an inflatable kite with a single line (1X) compatible method of security. Simplicity, lightweight, and a cleat trim system are top priorities.

The Quickloop Overdrive 1X (Trimlite) is a highly refined control system with universal compatibility. From its soft and ergonomic bar ends to it’s light weight cleat trim and 1X security system, the Quickloop Overdrive 1X (Trimlite) is a high performance and feature rich method of kite control.

What makes the Quickloop Overdrive 1X superior to other systems is its accurate ergonomics and its well thought out form factor. The security system is intuitive, operates without effort and is integrated seamlessly into the design.

The 1X security line is well hidden alongside the depower mainline in a protective PU covered tube. The Quickloop connection is recognized for its universal compatibility and simple to use operation. Excellent for both hooked and unhooked riding.

Features and Benefits

  • NEW – Improved asymmetric grip design with increased traction for better grip
  • Low frontline « V » for direct steering
  • Comprehensive safety with single line 1X security flagging
  • Soft and ergonomic EVA bar ends with flex grooves
  • Simple and clean trim system – Durable stainless steel cleat
  • Universal Quickloop Connection
  • Quick and easy QR operation
  • Spinning handle
  • Removable centralized security pin
  • Protective PU tubing for mainline and security line

1X Fixed Length Bar Recommended Sizing

44cm x 22m – Kite sizes 4-11 meters

52cm x 22m – Kite sizes 6-15 meters

60cm x 22m – Kite sizes 12-18 meters

Comparison Chart*

 Overdrive w/ RecoilOverdrive W/ TrimLite1X w/ TrimLite
Sizes48 to 56 cm48 to 56 cm44, 52, 60 cm
TrimRecoil (CAS)TrimLite CleatTrimLite Cleat
Depower on DemandYesYesYes
ConnectionFireball or QuickloopFireball or QuickloopFireball or Quickloop
Line Length222222 (22 + 2 for 60cm)
LeashShort (52 cm)Short (52 cm)Short (52 cm)
Bar EndsErgonomic EVAErgonomic EVAErgonomic EVA
Low VYesYesYes
Internalized LinesYesYesYes
Bar GripModerateModerateModerate
Loop Size23 cm2323

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