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The all-new RS:Racing EVOX simply revolutionizes how a racing sail is built: ground-breaking Airflow Batten Layout places battens parallel to the airflow when sailing, reducing drag and improving acceleration and speed. The resulting seven-batten design allowed us to dramatically drop the sail weight and speed up rotation while holding on to stability. EVOX is further charged with reactive leech opening and handling, updated progressive aspect ratio, cleaner panel layout doing away with the unnecessary and four UltraCams. Welcome to the future of fast.


Battens are laid out angled up from the mast and, as a result, they end up laying horizontal and parallel to the airflow when sailing. This cleans the airflow along the sail body and reduce drag. This innovative concept allowed us to reduce the design from eight to seven battens by extending the total length of each batten.

More Acceleration

Clean airflow along the sail body reduces drag. Combined with the new leech twist, the sail reacts to every gust and pump, opening instantly to gain that moment of pure acceleration. These improvements result in increased overall top speed.

Better Stability

EVOX is incredibly stable, especially considering it is a seven batten racing sail. The angled batten design gives excellent support to the sail profile, leading the sail to feel far more comfortable through gusts.

Lighter Weight

The lightest RS:Racing sail ever developed. The weight was reduced by an average of 500g compared to EVO9 while maintaining strong construction and without reducing film thickness. Reducing from eight to seven battens as well as adjustments in the Quadruple Luff Panel Layout and clew construction add to the very significant weight reduction.

Faster Rotation

Ease and speed of rotation was a top priority in the EVOX evolution. The elimination of one batten and the reduction of the profile in the rear of the sail in the boom area allows the rotation to start to “S-bend” in the back — like a freeride sail — and then smoothly progress through the front, to the UltraCams. Flipping the sail through rotation is much quicker and allows you to exit the jibe faster with greater stability.

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