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The Chinook Shift Rig is a complete rig designed to make learning to windsurf easy. The sail is made of Dacron material for superior durability against wear and UV rays. Comes with Ezzy built sail2-piece Epoxy/Fiberglass MastChinook Kid or Sport boom, mast base, mast extension, and UpHaul.
Now being used as a very capable SUP rig, “SHIFT” your SUP into high gear!

  • Kid size Trainers 2.0, 2.5, 3.0
  • Adult Trainers 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0 White/Blue/Black (colors may vary)
2.0Kid 120-160cm270cm Kid Epoxy-RDMMech EuropinEuro-pin fixed
2.5Kid 120-160cm270cm Kid Epoxy-RDMMech EuropinEuro-pin fixed
3.0Kid 120-160cm315cm Kid Epoxy-RDMMech EuropinEuro-pin fixed
3.5Kid 120-160cm370cm Kid Epoxy-RDM1-Bolt Mech-USShort US-RDM
4.0Sport 129-191cm400 Epoxy-SDM1-Bolt Mech-USShort US-SDM
4.5Sport 150-210cm400 Epoxy-SDM1-Bolt Mech-USShort US-SDM
5.0Sport 150-210cm430 Epoxy-SDM1-Bolt Mech-USShort US-SDM

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