Mystic Gearbox Square Boardbag

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2019 Mystic Gearbox Square Boardbag

What Mystic has to say about the Gearbox Square Boardbag

The Gearbox Square boardbag is made of a lightweight coated nylon ripstop fabric and the bag is extremely light while not compromising the bags strength. The Gearbox boardbag has a lot of storage space to bring all your gear and yet it can be reduced to the tiniest package size for convenient storage at your destination.


  • – 4’9 twintip/wake. All shapes compatible
  • – 5’4 and 5’8 stubby/lightwind. All shapes compatible
  • – XL wheels
  • – Protective padding on the critical parts
  • – Padded divider for protection between the boards
  • – 360 Webbing equator EVA formed shoulder patch
  • – Ergonomic shoulder strap (adjustable/detachable)
  • – Compression straps
  • – Core support strap (RED)
  • – Carry handles
  • – 3D mesh air vent
  • – Transparent inner pocket (2x)
  • – Heavy duty zipper
  • – Zipper protection edge
  • – Address card pocket

Specs at a Glance

  • 1.40m – 2x Kites & Bars, 2x Kiteboards, 4x Wetsuits & Waterwear (2.2kg without wheels / 3.4kg with wheels)
  • 1.60m – 3x Kites & Bars, 2x Kiteboards, 5x Wetsuits & Waterwear (2.5kg without wheels / 3.7kg with wheels)


4’9 (145cm x 45cm x 30cm) / 5’4 (165cm x 55cm x 30cm) 5’8 / (173cm x 55cm x 30cm)

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