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Tech Specs
Two Double Action Pump
2 x 24″ tall tubes
3 Stage Pump Settings to control the amount of flow
Mega Flex hose that won’t kink and break like a plastic hose
Valve kit for every kite on the market is included
Accurate pressure gauge
Pump leash
Mesh carrying bag
What We Like:
What is not to like with a monster pump? The Double Pump will get you out there in half of the time. The setting switch allows you to easily switch the kite to the 2nd or 3rd setting when you are approaching maximum pressure. Setting 1 pumps both tubes while you pull up and push down. Setting 2 as there be no inflate on the up stroke and double chamber on the down stroke. With Setting 3 you have single action on one tube and on the down stroke only. The small bag of pump hose attachments is awesome. You will never be with out the right pump valve again. Since so many kites have changed their valve set up, this is a nice feature have. The Mega Flex hose can do just that, flex a lot. It is more playable than the plastic hoses too, so it is easier to work with. It can break with misuse and we recommend removing the hose when stored in bag.

Insider Info:
The 2.0DD is a big heavy pump. This will not be a great travel pump as it is just big. For the back of your car, it is awesome, but unless you have a private jet, I would not try to pack this pump on a plane. Using the 1st setting with double action takes more effort because you are pumping two pumps at once. Anyone can use it, but there is more friction because you are pumping two pumps.

Who is the WMFG Double Pump for?
If you are not packaging a long distance or flying with this pump, you will love it. Get out there and start PUMPING!

The WMFG Double Pump is an awesomely large kiteboarding pump that pumps your kite in half the amount of strokes. Now with two extra big, tall, high volume barrels. This pump takes all the fighting out of inflation. Easier, faster, better.Newly engineered seals and pistons combined with newly molded handle and feet offer improved ergonomics and inflation speed. Custom WMFG kite tether and hook, kite-tuned WMFG pressure gauge, integrated sand filter, premium high-flow and extra-durable hose with new threaded fitting, and the widest range of kite nozzles of any pump on the market make this the finest kiteboard pump ever produced. Compatible with every kite on the market. Not recommended for SUPs or inflation higher than 13 PSI.

Diameter: 20″/25.4cm
Capacity: 2 x 5.5L /Stroke
Double Barrel Inflation
Mega Flex Hose Extra durable, super flexy, fits kites even better
Threaded Boston Valve
3 Stage Pump Settings : Max capacity, Medium pressure, Max pressure
Package Includes
Pump|Mega Flex Hose|Nozzle Pack

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