LIQUID FORCE MOD (30-32) S 2019


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            The 2019 Liquid Force MOD KITE Harness is a soft shell kiteboarding harness designed for function and comfort across all sizes. While hardshell harnesses can pinch or push on different parts of your body causing you to end your session prematurely, the philosophy and technology behind the MOD is all about providing superior comfort for all riders, regardless of size or shape. Through the utilization of high-density foam, ergonomic design, and separately molded patterns for each specific size, the MOD goes above and beyond in the quest to make the harness feel like an extension of your body.

We recommend the MOD to riders of all skill levels and disciplines who want a very comfortable harness with lots of support.
***Please note that harnesses are like shoes and we highly recommend that you try on as many harnesses as possible to find the right one for you.


Everyone is unique. Unique in mind, body and soul. Mind and soul is easy to cover in a harness but the body is hard. The MOD is superior at addressing the body. The philosophy and science behind the MOD is about fitting all body shapes and offer superior support via the use a comfort and support forming materials. Rigid harness frames can cause unwanted gaps and pressure points causing session ending discomfort.

Utilizing high-density memory foam, ergonomic panel layout and size specific molded patterns ensure a precise and supportive fit in the MOD. Fitted with the industry inspiring LF Cam Clamp spreader bar for one time set-it and forget-it entry and exit.

Sizes: xsmall/small/medium/large/xlarge

Foam – High-density form-fitting memory foam
Rash Guard – Rash Guard technology
Closure – Single wrap secure closure
Cam Clamp – Cam Clamp Spreader Bar with hold down

Harness and spreader bar

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