2018 Naish Go-To Kite Surfboard 5’6″ X 19″

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2018 Naish Go-To Kite Surfboard

5’6″ X 19″ X 2 & 3

What Naish has to say about the 2018 Go-To

Early to plane with fast upwind ability, the Go-To is the versatile choice for both strapped and strapless riding. With a slightly wider outline than the Global, the Go-To delivers solid performance in marginal winds and features a large sweet spot—making it easier to land strapless tricks. Equipped with a tail pad and fins, this affordable wave board is a solid performer in anything from sloppy waves to sideshore perfection


  • Tail kick in rocker for tight and snappy turns off the lip
  • Thinned-out and squared-off rails in tail for superior control and grip when carving at speed
  • Double bamboo sandwich deck for maximum durability and to minimize pressure dents
  • Strategic rail flow for increased response in bottom turns and easy edging
  • Deep single concave center for soft landings and easy rail to rail transition
  • Surf Skin Bottom for real surfboard feel on water, firmness and resilience
  • Full 3D double density deck pad for comfort, cushioning, and traction
  • CNC shape
  • Thruster Fin Setup
  • Honeycomb core fins

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