Naish Maliko Fusion Carbon Inflatable 14’0″ X27 2020

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2020 Naish Inflatable 14’0″ x 27″ Maliko Fusion Carbon

The key element in this board is stiffness. Naish’s new construction allows for a high inflation pressure of up to 21 PSI. This, along with the double carbon stringer (along both top & bottom decks) make the Maliko inflatables the stiffest inflatable paddle boards yet. Furthermore, the construction eliminates the need for added parts or strings, distributing stiffness along the entire board. These four carbon stringers run directly underneath the stance area to minimize any excessive bending or unnecessary rocker caused by rider weight. The result is reduced water resistance and superior speed.

Fusion Drop stitch

All high-end Naish boards are now built using the industry’s highest standard Fusion material. It is created by fusing a layer of solid polymer to the drop stitch material as it is being made. This allows for a stiffer, more durable material that saves about 2 kg per board while ensuring they are as rigid as possible.

Double Carbon Stringers

The Naish Maliko inflatable race boards feature new double carbon stringers which enhance performance. They are built using the same carbon fibre that you would find in a regular composite board with one key difference. Instead of being infused with resin, they are infused with polyurethane that can then be glued to the board. The carbon construction ensures the top skin has minimal compression or elongation resulting in the most rigid inflatable boards around. The twin stringers also offer a greater advantage over a single, center stringer by strategically placing the reinforcement directly under the rider’s stance area. This reduces any buckling or water resistance that would typically result from bumps formed on the underside of the board without these reinforcements.

Double Layer Rails

Naish inflatables are now built with a wide, double PVC layer on the rail. This provides great durability, increased longevity and enhanced stiffness.

Double Density Deck Pad

The Naish inflatable SUP deck pads now feature two different textures, with different grooving, so you can instantly feel when you’re standing in the proper paddling area. The main pad is made from their soft, low-rash “crocodile skin”. The stance area is made with a higher grip diamond texture which is oriented to maximize grip along the length of the board and help transfer more of your paddling force into the board.

Hydroslick Edges

Strategically placed material along the tail of the board creates a clean water release, reducing the wasted energy resulting from surface tension created at the tail of the board. This makes the most of the energy you produce, moving you forward faster.

US Fin Box

The 2019 and 2020 inflatable Naish Malikos are equipped with US fin boxes and come with a race fin, butterfly screw and Phillips head screw (for lower drag) to give you unlimited options to customize your fin design depending on conditions.

High Pressure Rated

The Naish boards are constructed in an all new manufacturing facility with superior glues, materials and quality control. This allows their boards to be inflated to a higher PSI (21), for unbelievable stiffness that performs more like a composite board. Adhering to the highest quality control standards in the industry, every single inflatable board is built to last.

Stiffness matters – Here how is works

Assuming that the pressure applied is high enough—when a board bends, it acts similarly to an I-Beam, in which the top skin compresses, while the bottom skin does the opposite (extends).

A stiffer board moves more efficiently, when you paddle, as more of the energy you spend propels you forward rather than bending the board. This is why we use fusion material and carbon stringers on our high-end boards: to achieve the stiffest top and bottom skin possible in compression and extension.

This year, all Naish boards are rated with a stiffness value; the higher the number, the stiffer the board. For reference, the new Maliko Inflatable 14’0″ x 25″ (constructed with Fusion drop stitch and double carbon stringers) has a stiffness rating of 9.5. Compared to last year’s Maliko 14’0″ x 26″ inflatable, which had a 4.73 rating. The new model is much stiffer.

Stiffness rating: 11

While stringers are mainly added to the tops and bottoms of boards to improve stiffness, they also help controlling the twist of the board. This is achieved by reducing the elongation and compression of the top and bottom skins of the board.


  • High pressure rated (21 PSI) Fusion drop stitch = Stiff + durable + light
  • Double carbon stringer = Unmatched stiffness + smooth bottom skin for better water flow
  • Hydroslick edges = Increases paddling efficiency by reducing wasted energy from surface tension on the tail
  • Double layer rails = Great durability + longevity + added stiffness
  • Double density EVA deck pad = Easy positioning on the board + great grip while paddling + soft on your body while getting on and off the board
  • Multiple carry handles = For efficient race starts & finishes
  • US fin box = More fin options + tool-less fin installation
  • Bungee cord with 4 d-rings
  • Double action pump
  • Wheeled back pack


  • Length: 14’0″
  • Width: 27″
  • Thickness: 6″
  • Weight: 28 lbs
  • Volume: 357 liters
  • Max payload: 240 lbs
  • Inflates to 21 PSI


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