NAISH S25 NALU GTW (11’0”X31”X4.5”)

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Versatile and easy to ride, the Nalu series features a classic longboard shape ideal for anything from flatwater cruising, fitness training to wave riding. A solid one-board solution, Nalus offer a recessed deck and full rails-increasing stability while maintaining performance.

The Nalu 10’6″ GTW is well suited for paddlers seeking improved on-wave performance yet still fun for flatwater paddling. For additional versatility, an M8 insert is also featured for paddlers who want a board they can also attach a windsurfing sail to and go windSUPing. Ideal for riders up to 200 lbs/91 kg

Nalu 11’0″ features a versatile design for classic longboard surfing performance, touring and flatwater cruising. The S25 shape has been fine-tuned with decreased volume in the nose and tail areas, resulting in an extremely responsive board with easy maneuverability. It also features a slightly wider outline through the nose when compared to other shapes in the Nalu line and narrower pintail for increased noseriding and on wave performance. Ideal for riders up to 210 lbs/95 kg

Nalu 11’4″ GTW features an all-around design for classic longboard surfing performance and flatwater paddling versatility and is the board that started it all, its the original SUP shape. Ideal for riders up to 220 lbs/100 kg


  • Recessed Deck = Increased stability, even for bigger riders (featured on all Nalu GTWs)
  • Wide Outline = Increased stability, even for bigger riders featured on 10’6″X32 & 10’10”)
  • Wide Nose = Increased nose riding performance (featured on 11’0″)
  • Channeled Bottom = Excellent straight line tracking (featured on 10’10”)
  • Thruster Fin Setup = Excellent tracking and down-the-line drive (featured on all Nalu GTWs except 10’10”)
  • Pulled in Pintail = Improved maneuverability (featured on 11’0″)
  • M8 Insert = Added versatility for WindSUPing (featured on all Nalu GTWs)
  • Deck Inserts = Cargo mounting options for extra gear (featured on 10’10”)

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Weight40 lbs
Dimensions98 × 28 × 5 in

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