RRD Air Sup 2020


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The most wanted SUP range of our collection. This super friendly and all-round orientated type of board glides smoothly on flat water and rides effortlessly in small surf, allowing you to enter a new dimension of excitement. Rocker and scoopline together with a perfect fin placement allow for a great experience of pleasure in an incredible variety of conditions. Built with a new “ Sandwich Dyneema Belt “ that wraps the whole contour of the board on the deck and bottom as a stringer, the board becomes about 30% stiffer than any conventional inflatable board.
Designed for all those who like to travel without having to deal with a rigid carbon / epoxy board. The board comes in a smart backpack with wheels and is supplied with a double action pump. The EVA kick pad positioned on the tail ensure the perfect grip during the direction changes.


  • Sandwich Dyneema belt
  • 70% Double skin construction
  • Diamond Eva Pad 6mm under the standing area
  • 18 PSI air valve pressure
  • Technology: SDB (Sandwich Dyneema Belt)


AIR SUP 9’8” X 33” X 4 ¾” 170 LTS 24AS98
AIR SUP 10’2”X 33” X 4 ¾” 190 LTS 24AS102
AIR SUP 10’4”X 34” X 4¾” 200 LTS 24AS104
AIR SUP 10’4”X 34” X 6” 275 LTS 24AS1046
AIR SUP 10’8”X 34” X 6” 290 LTS 24AS1086

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Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 18 × 13 in



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