Makani Kaku (Wave)

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KAKU : Wave Onshore G-10 black windsurfing fin

AREA: 198-218-239-261-273 cm2

The MAKANI Kaku fin is a wave fin designed for less than perfect onshore wave conditions. The larger base makes going upwind a breeze. The unique profile derived from slalom fins is fast and keeps you planning so you can easily jump the nasty breakers. The Flex tip keeps you in control when choppy waves come from different directions simultaneously. The nicely swept back leading edge lets you surf with confidence and comfort. G-10 construction for a long lasting fin that won’t let you down even if you crash on the beach after an exhausting session! Our Kaku fin is the solution for real world wave riding.

Louis (designer): “We wanted a fast manoeuvrable fin with an 2D that gives the rider a excellent upwind capability. With its flex, the KAKU doesn’t over kill the wave and freewave boards’ expected behaviour. A WINNER for us and KAKU’s owner.”

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