Dakine T-8 Classic Slider Harness 2019


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Dakine T-8 Classic Slider Harness is a thermoformed hard shell trapezoidal , which you while sailing a very high wearing comfort and optimal force distribution offers. Thanks to its rigid shell and its back panel of Texon® thermoplastic takes the T-8 Classic Slider trapezoidal evenly over the entire surface force and makes an excellent support function .

T8 Classic Slider windsurfing harness is cut with 34 cm high at the back generously. Thus, the pressure distribution is concentrated on the middle lumbar region and the Harness itself remains under enormous train still very pleasant to drive. Despite the high section is the Harness thanks to itspreformed curvature not at the top and never comes on the back clunky.

For a comfortable wear makes the Dakine T8 Classic Slider trapezoidal the combination of intelligentmemory foam and featherweight ES foam. Thanks memory foam is the keystone of your body shape perfectly adapts to the back is relieved and the Windsurfing supported. The inner material adheres well and provides on-lined neoprene for a solid grip.

The padded hook of the Dakine Harness tilts barely up even with high tensile forces. Quick release with little force to operate and easy to replace. Two robust stainless steel buckles are easily hooked laterally

From setting up the T-8 trapezoid with the T-8 Classic Slider trapezoidal is the same. However, it is instead of the fixed spreader fororganising a moving bar that allows movements windsurfing twist.

windsurfing scene true Dakine as an absolute pioneer in the thermoformed waist harnesses andDakine T-Series has been an absolute classic.


Harness size
Waiste (cm)71-7676-8181-8686-9191-9696-101
Waiste US28-3030-3232-3434-3636-3840-42

XS = 28-30 ”[71-76cm] – Spreader Bar = 6” / 15 cm
S = 30-32 ”[76-81cm] – Spreader Bar = 10” / 25 cm
M = 32-34 ”[81-86cm] – spreader bar = 10” / 25 cm
L = 34-36 ”[86-91cm] – spreader bar = 10” / 25 cm
XL = 36-38 ”[91-96cm] – spreader bar = 12” / 30 cm

Product details

  • dry weight: 1.5 kg
  • Wet Weight: 2.24 kg
  • Height at the back: 33.5 cm

Product Features

  • Thermoplastic Texon® material has a supportive
  • Effective back relief by pressure distribution system
  • Moving spreader bar from the T-Series
  • spreader bar pad
  • First & second Powerbelt with Velcro
  • Preformed P.E.B. inner support structure
  • Memory foam back support
  • Superlight foam ES
  • Ultra-lightweight, anatomically shaped foam padding
  • key pocket
  • Compatible with windsurf Maniac spreader bar


20% EPE foam, 10% polyethylene, 10% rostfreiher steel, 20% PU vinyl, 20% ES foam, 15% Neoprene, 5% polypropylene

Adaptive Fit
Best individual comfort
Waist Harness
Spreader bar included
This harness is delivered with the matching spreader bar
Memory Foam
Best individual comfort

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Harness size

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