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TAKA Luff Luff Boom Boom Ezzy Mast Weight
Size (sq.m.) Min (cm) Max (cm) Min (cm) Max (cm) Bottom/Top (Kg)
3.8 367 371 133 143 340/370 2.55
4.1 377 381 141 151 370/370 2.75
4.5 388 392 148 159 370/400 2.89
4.7 394 398 152 163 370/400 2.96
5.0 400 404 156 167 370/400 3.03
5.3 413 417 162 172 400/400 3.16


What is the Taka?

  • An easy to de-power 3.5 batten wave sail made for down-the-line wave riding.

Who is the Taka for?

  • The Taka is for the hard core wave sailor who wants a sail that is easy to de-power.

Is the Taka good for jumping?

  • The 3/4 batten’s on-off luffing makes the Taka rotate easily through forward loops and backloops—easy in the air and on the landing. But this same de-powering also makes jumps on the Taka lower than on either the Ezzy Wave or the Zeta.

What makes the Taka special?

  • In our factory, every Taka is rigged, the quality is inspected, the battens are tuned, and the rigging gauges are calibrated so that when you unroll the Taka, it will rig perfectly the first time out of the bag—and every other time.

What is new for 2023?

  • A new solid-color look with the same great performance as the previous model. Larger window for better visibility.

Should you choose the Taka?

  •  For 95% of windsurfers looking for a new sail, the Ezzy Wave is the way to go. But, for the windsurfer who wants extreme de-powering and radical maneuverability, the Taka is the go-to choice.

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