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The Kode Wave is the board choice of two times World Champion Philip Koster. It is fast to get on the plane with remarkable top end speed for taking jumps into the stratosphere. The Kode Waves are Philip Koster’s fast, aerial style ‘next- generation’ signature wave boards.

The Kode Waves are for riders who like to blend aerials and takas with powerful wave- carving. Their straight-line speed and acceleration also make them the most ideal for big airs and double combination loops.

Drive and speed are initiated off of the front foot, as is the rotational spinning style of Koster. MB Twinzer fins aid in the early release of the tail for backside 360’s and Takas whilst the board is still able to maintain the drive required for going down the line. These are the most ideal boards for big airs and double combination loops. The boards just want to boost whether it’s jumping or waveriding, with excellent projection above the lip along with being able to spin around it.

For 2014, the Kode Waves are shorter, making them lighter on the scale and under the feet, as swing weight is reduced. A Moreno Twins Pro Model 67 has also been added for the fair sex and smaller riders and a new 92 liters enters the family for heavier riders or light wind days.

The Kode Waves are twin fin boards with a single fin option to turn them into high-wind blasters. These vertical, square twin fins were developed by MB Fins specifically for the Kode Wave.

The Kode Freestyle Waves are Starboard’s award-winning do-it-all boards.

They are aggressive, fast and maneuverable, with a balanced blend between wave, freestyle and freeride.

Whether used in the waves, in freestyle or for freeride, they aim to please. Their nature is to be aggressive, fast and maneuverable yet comfortable.

The new 2014 shapes have been tweaked for more speed and control without losing any of their test-winning characteristics. The bigger volumes (94 and 103) have seen their nose lowered for more control and speed. The result is an aerodynamic board blasting over the water while being able to pop all the modern freestyle moves and carve waves. The smaller volume (86) has been shortened in the nose for more liveliness and reactivity, boosting its wave and jibing abilities.

The Kode Freestyle Waves remain exclusively single fin boards.

What’s New? Kode Wave

Wave Construction:

The Kode Wave now comes with a special Carbon Wave and Wood Wave Technology. A dual-density PVC layer and an unidirectional flat carbon fiber zone, reinforcing the most stressed sections of the board.

New models:

For 2014, a new Moreno Twins Pro Model enters the range. At 67 liters, it allows the fair sex and the smaller riders to rip just as hard as the men. Philip’s light wind board, the 92 liters, also enters the range.

Updated shapes:

The Kode Wave boards for 2014 include shorter lengths of 3 cm. This reduces the swing weight and in turn help the board fit into tighter pockets.

Forward softer rails have been added to allow the boards to be more forgiving in turns. This gives the rider more control in heavy wave riding and completing maneuvers such as wave 360’s.

The Kode 87 has also been given more hip than last year. This board is an extremely versatile all rounder in all wave conditions.

What’s New? Kode Freestyle Wave

For 2014, the Kodes Freestyle Wave have only been tweaked. The goal was to keep the characteristics everyone loved while improving a few features such as control and liveliness. These results were obtained thanks to a Flare-inspired “bullet nose”.

Updated shapes:

On the 94 and 103 models, the nose rocker was lowered by 5 cm. The outcome is a more aerodynamic board which translates into higher top-end speed and control, all the while boosting the freestyle performances.

On the 86 liters model, the nose was shortened by 3 cm compared to last year, making the board even lighter than before, both on the scale and under your feet. This tweak improved reactivity and liveliness and freed up the board, making it a lot more fun carving, jumping or freestyling.

Footstraps inserts:

For 2014, the Kode Freestyle Wave outside front footstrap inserts have been moved closer to the rails on the 103 and 94 models. They are now positioned outwards by 3 cm on the 103 and by 2 cm on the 94. This new option gives the rider a more comfortable position for freeriding and flat water blasting. Being closer to the rails now improve control in a straight line. The back inserts remain unchanged and still offer a perfect freestyle and wave position. The best of both worlds.

Key Features: Kode Wave

(1) NEW! Now 3 cm shorter to reduce swing weight

(2) NEW!Forward softer rails are more forgiving in maneuvers

(3) Square tail shape adds some extra tail area to maintain buoyancy and increases the board’s versatility in softer waves. It also improves the board’s performance in reverse moves.

(4) Vertical squarer twin fins (design by MB Fins) generates a compact power delivery that allows the rider to release and control the tail off the top. Single fin option is available for classic riding characteristics.

Key Features: Kode Freestyle Wave

(1) NEW! 94 and 103: Flare inspired “Bullet Nose” for aerodynamic speed and high-wind control. 86: Nose shortened by 3 cm reduces swing weight and provides greater responsiveness in freestyle, jumping and jibing.

(2) NEW! The front inserts have moved outwards by 3 cm on the 103 and by 2 cm on the 94, putting the rider closer to the rails and giving more control and comfort while free-riding.

(3) NEW! Fast rocker line on the 94 and 103 models for higher top-speed and accelerationj

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