JP-Australia Magic Ride 2020


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Since its dawn this line featured a magic combination of ease, stability and good performance. The second generation featured more life and agility. Now, the all-new 3rd generation is here! The shape adjustments make it significantly easier to control at speed and through the chop.
Consequently, these boards ride smoother and gybe more easily and willingly into and through turns. On the water the boards surprise you with a sporty and energetic character which is incredibly easy to handle. The improved magic of these boards pushes the performance and fun factor to the next level.

JP Australia MagicRide Pro 2020JP Australia MagicRide Pro 2020
Magic Ride Pro
JP Australia MagicRide FWS 2020JP Australia MagicRide FWS 2020
Magic Ride FWS
JP Australia MagicRide ES 2020JP Australia MagicRide ES 2020
Magic Ride ES


WINDSURF, UK, # 393, March 2020, p 84

JP Magic Ride 119 PRO: …its straight line performance is actually very respectable …in transitions the Magic Ride is a wonder to use for a board of this size …the rails grip and hold in a fashion that a board 20 litres its junior would be proud of… Plug and play blasting pleasure doesn’t come better packed than the Magic Ride!


Now, the Freestyle and Magic Ride PRO also feature a reinforced Foil-Powerbox! (Ø 8mm bolt hole to avoid drilling for the
NP Powerbox foil adapter)

Glide Wind (FPB)

for JP Foil-Powerbox – “FPB”
(also: JP Foil-Tuttlebox, US Tracks)
Note: make sure to get the right adaptor for your board.

Mast: 80 cm
Front Wing sizes
Medium: 75 cm
Small: 64 cm

The GLIDE WIND from NEIL PRYDE is the friendly, easy-cruising and carving foil, also suitable for wave riding and basic freestyle moves. Ever dreamed about foiling but felt that it might be too dangerous or difficult? GLIDE WIND is the perfect tool to get you into foiling. The lowest possible speed is required to take-off allowing first time foilers to feel safe and comfortable. This all-round foil focuses on extreme stability and early flying. It is designed with round edges on the wings for safety, and has been engineered to prevent catapults and to allow soft landings.

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