iQFoil is a windsurfing class selected by the ISAF to replace the RS:X for the 2024 Summer Olympics.

The iQFOiL concept is the fruit of many years of windsurf foiling equipment development, but developing the equipment to running a successful Olympic Campaign are two very different stories. The story of our iQFOiL proposal has, above all, been one of great teamwork with a common goal of making the future of windsurfing more exciting and sustainable for the generations to come.

What is special about the iFoil foil?

The iQFOiL foil is an upgraded version of the Starboard Race Plus. Like the Race Plus, it uses our patented High-Efficiency Foil Geometry, which means that the front wing is positioned further forward to allow the tail wing to run at a much more streamlined angle. Having both wings more aligned with each other gives you more speed and a lot more control in high winds.

For light winds, there’s a tail wing angle adjustment system that allows you to increase tail wing angle, giving you extra power when you need it. It is also supplied with our new iQFOiL 95cm mast, which is an extra-stiff version of the standard 95cm mast. It’s built from a fusion of 44 layers of ultra-high modulus carbon. It gives the highest level of control. As Remi mentioned, there are two fuselages in the box: the 115 Plus fuselage and the 95cm version. The iQFOiL foil set is available in both Carbon and Aluminium versions, where the aluminium version is recommended for the Youth division.

Check it out : iQFoil: Starboard’s 2024 Olympic Proposal – YouTube