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NEW !! We have a completely new Freeride fin here with an extended line up going up to 52 cm ! This new freeride fin will get you going up on a plane fast and will keep you in control in gusty winds and choppy waters. We optimized the foil also for a great top speed. The curved tip gives the CNC g10 a great flex that will keep you on track in your jibes and forgive the bumpy rides. A good quiver of KOHOLA fins will enhance your performance and double the range of wind your freeride board can handle.

Louis (designer): “Big change on this V2. The outline has been remake, the foil, the flex and the twist. We manage to design ultra high performance fin in a freerace approach with the ability of a fine smooth jibing behaviour. You can really see where the major flex is starting in the trailing edge (2/3).”

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