Onno Rutten

Merci Benoit! Trying to get Mme Rutten-Dion into windsurfing so needed a soft EVA-deck learner board… hence the Rio 219L.


I sailed the iSonic 83 with a 8.6m race Sail this weekend in 12-14kn… what a machine… thanks again for making it happen!





The board got here in great shape. That black carbon fiber surface looks like a black knight or the monolith from the movie 2001. Is it fragile?

I am looking forward to trying it out but there is no wind forecast before we leave for europe. It will be a month before I can get it wet with a 9.4.

I was disappointed with the Starboard Ultrasonic I selected based on the ads and reviews. I don’t agree with the reviews. The JP SLW is much quicker to plane in light winds!

thanks and mahalo,


Robert McKinnon

Really appreciated the work on the board, and the help with the cost. Ben did a nice job.


Look forward to connecting again to see if we can build Casa “WindSpirit” for a family dwelling in Pucallpa Peru next year !


Thank you for your generous support.


Talk soon….


Kindest regards,


Jacques Rousseau

Salut Benoit,

J’ai essayé ma Windobsession FuelX en fin de semaine dernière avec un vent entre 18 et 22 noeuds en 6 mètres.


J’ai vraiment adoré la planche 🙂 Je n’ai aucunement ressenti l’âge de la planche, j’avais l’impression de rider une planche récente.


Je l’adore ! C’est dommage que tu n’en shape plus…




Martin Bailly

Bonjour Benoît !

J’ai reçu ma planche hier. Wow superbe ! Elle en parfaite condition ! À ma grande surprise il y a deux ensembles d’ailerons, un beau 30 cm de freewave en G10 de MFC et un ensemble de tri-fin de MFC! Yes Sir !

Merci pour tout le transfert de matos et ton service personnalisé, c’est grandement apprécié ! Un grand merci !

À plus !