Thank You Benoit,

Sincere pleasure to meet you and your team. A fine operation. You deserve to be successful.

Hope to have you join us in Peru sometime!

Sleep well,



Hi Benoit,

Everything arrived today in good condition.  I look forward to trying it out on the water next week in Hatteras.

Merci boucoup pour le service extrodinaire!



Thanks for your quick service and shipping of the boom bag.

It was delivered to my hotel room 22 hrs after I placed the order.

Very good!

I am now back in Sweden.

Will be back in Canada in May.

All my booms fits in the bag.

Kind regards Johan

Teddy Beeson

Hey thanks for the great customer service! I’m very impressed. I recently been offered a newer starboard all star it is 12’6 x 28”.

Would this bag fit it as well as my 12’6 x26”?

If so just let me know how how to send you money.


Teddy Beeson


I would like to thank you for a gift since i got extra harness from you. This is much appreciated!


Will keep in touch