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«Big Windy» is a new kitesurfing movie featuring Moehau Goold, Davey Blair, Reo Stevens, John Amundson, Josh Mulcoy, Mauricio Abreu, Ian Alldredge, Bertrand Fleury, Marc Ramseier, Guilly Brandao, Tuva Jansen, Kristin Boese and Pete Cabrinha. It was filmed by John Bilderback and Alexis Bilderback in Micronesia, Polynesia, and Indonesia. The movie is available in DVD. With the way things are in the world, it’s obvious that wind and alternative energies have to be part of the solution. Who knows the power and potential of the wind better than people who already harness it. Part of it is having a small footprint in the world, but the other part is enjoying this gift from the sea, as much as we possibly can.

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