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No kite has done more in the sport of kitesurfing than the Switchblade. World Titles, World Records, Podium topping, all on a stock production kite that has also brought so many people not only into the sport, but given the perfect platform to evolve, improve and push their own boundaries of what they thought possible.

For 02 we have given the Switchblade a further performance boost. The redesigned and rebalanced bridle gives the option to not only increase the turning speed, but also lighten up the feel of the kite. A lighter faster kite not only extends the reach of this amazing product to different riders, but also allows for faster steering and control for jumping. The five strut stable frame of the Switchblade really comes into its own in the higher wind ranges. Here the legendary boost and hangtime of the Switchblade really shines.


• NEW Ceramic Pulleys – Ultimate simplicity, safety and reduced wear
• NEW Bridle Configuration – Refined flight characteristics
• NEW Performance tuning for improved boost & hangtime
• Heavy duty closing seam construction
• Nano Ripstop Canopy
• High Tenacity Dacron
• Strategic canopy reinforcements
• Pure Profile Panels
• Ultimate performance in the widest range of conditions and riding styles • Ridiculous Hangtime
• Large ‘sweet spot’ & smooth on demand power control
• Effortless relaunch

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