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Are you ready for the next level of foiling excitement? Introducing the Heckler 850 and 1050 complete kits, the ultimate high-aspect foils designed to take your ride to new heights.

Imagine smooth turns, surprising maneuverability, and effortless pumping and gliding as you ride the waves like never before. The Heckler foils are designed for those who demand exceptional performance in surfing, winging, or riding behind a boat. With their sleek tips and high aspect ratio, these foils offer unbeatable performance.

But what really sets the Heckler foils apart is their next-level pump and glide technology, making double dipping a breeze and tacking maneuvers like 360’s a thrill. These foils are designed for experienced riders who want to push their limits and take their foiling game to new heights.

And it’s not just about performance, it’s about convenience too. The Heckler foils are easy to assemble and disassemble, thanks to their tapered fit between the fuselage and mast. Plus, with their PMI core and layered Pre Preg carbon sheets, these foils boast unmatched stiffness, ensuring optimum performance in any condition.


  • High Aspect Ratio
  • Pre-Preg Specialty Carbon Fiber
  • Ultra-efficient design deigned for high speed and maneuverability
  • 830 and 1050 are perfect Surf Foiling, Wake, and Wing foiling
  • 1300 is a gliding machine the excels at down winding and dock starts/pumping
  • It is encouraged beginner start with the Charger 2
  • Compatible with Charger Kit parts and hardware
  • Wing Covers
  • Various Sizes for Wing, Surf, and Kite
  • Fuselage built into front wing for stiffness


  • Full pre-preg carbon construction

Included in each kit:

  • 850 – [ Front Wing-850 ] [ Mast-85cm ] [ Fuselage-346 ] [ Rear Wing-180]
  • 1050 – [ Front Wing-1050 ] [ Mast-85cm ] [ Fuselage-346 ] [ Rear Wing-285]
  • All kits include: Padded EVA Covers, Torx Tool T30 / T40, and SS316 Screw Set
  • Front Wing Dimensions:
  • 850- SA 850cm², WS 900mm, AR 9.53, Vol 1.6L, Chord 130
  • 1050- SA 1050cm², WS 1000mm, AR 9.52, Vol 2.0L, Chord 140
  • SA = Surface Area, WS = Wing Span, AR = Aspect Ratio and Vol = Volume.

Rear Wing Stabilizer Dimensions:

  • 180- SA 180cm², WS 340mm, AR 6.42
  • 285- SA 285cm², WS 450mm, AR 7.11
  • SA = Surface Area, WS = Wing Span, AR = Aspect Ratio.

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