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DaKine T8 Windsurfing Harness

The T8 waist harness from Dakine further refines their classic waist harness line that started many years ago with the ever popular Thermoform harnss.  With roots from the original T-Series, the new T8 features an Adaptive Fit Composite back panel to increase the stiffness and responsive feel while windsurfing. The Texon composite material combines with the featherweight ES foam molded interior and memory foam pressure point relief zones to give you all the same comfort of the DaKine T7 harness with an added edge for better performance. The extra stiffness helps to spread out the load when you are hooked in, so you get fewer pressure points on your ribs and hip bones.  And, for the first time ever, you get the killer fit of the T8 with a fixed bar.  The T8 also features a freedom shape spreader bar pad for comfort, independent primary and secondary power belt for a snug fit, and a push-button non-sliding spreader bar for a quick release.


  • XS= 28-30″ [ 71-76cm ] SB= 6″ [ 15cm ]
  • S= 30-32″ [ 76-81cm ] SB= 10″ [ 25cm ]
  • M= 32-34″ [ 81-86cm ] SB= 10″ [ 25cm ]
  • L= 34-36″ [ 86-91cm ] SB= 10″ [ 25cm ]
  • XL= 36-38″ [ 91-96cm ] SB= 12″ [ 30cm ]

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