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DaKine T9 Classic Slider Harness- Most Supportive Waist Harness with Sliding Spreader Bar
The new T9 waist harness continues to evolve. Slightly more compact then its predecessor – its still the most supportive waist harness on the planet. This model is called the “Classic Slider” as the T series has always featured a Sliding Spreader Bar that loads each hip evenly and allows riders to rotate their hips freely while hooked in and windsurfing in either direction. Modern Adaptive Fit Composite back panel with a texon counter stiffener provides tremendous back support while riding. The T9 includes a T-series Spreader bar with a Freedom Shape Spreader Bar Pad that aids comfort and minimizes roll when hooked in. It also features: Dual Posi-Lock buckles are secure and never slip, memory foam with pressure point relief zone and a featherweight ES foam molded interior. It is the #1 choice harness for comfort, support and is the Only harness on the market that provides free hip rotation with a sliding bar feature.

– Windsurf Specific Harnness.
– Includes a Spreader bar and pad.
– Dual Posi-Lock buckle sliding bar system.
– Adaptive Fit Composite back panel with Texon® counter/stiffener.
– T-series Stainless Steel spreader bar.
– Freedom shape spreader bar pad.
– Featherweight ES foam molded interior.
– Memory Foam Pressure Point Relief Zone.
– Independent primary and secondary power belt.
– 2 Year Limited Warranty.

Harness Materials:
– EPS Foam
– Marine Grade Vinyl

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