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EZZY WAVELuffLuffBoomBattensEzzy MastWeight
Size (sq.m.)Min (cm)Max (cm)Min-Max (cm)Bottom/TopKilograms
2.8325329127-1374315/3402.22 kg
3.0338342139-1494315/3402.30 kg
3.4351355139-1494340/3402.40 kg
3.7364368145-1554340/3402.51 kg
4.0372376145-1554370/3702.75 kg
4.2380384145-1554370/3702.75 kg
4.5389393150-1604370/3702.85 kg
4.7397401154-1644370/4002.93 kg
5.0407411159-1694370/4003.01 kg
5.2415419163-1734400/4003.11 kg
5.5423427168-1784400/4303.18 kg
5.8438442168-1785430/4303.48 kg
6.3454458178-1885430/4303.65 kg

Are you a wave sailor looking for a high-performance sail?

Do you want a sail that is lightweight and easy to manouver on the waves as well as in the jumps and jibes? What about easy to rig? And built to last?

We recommend the Ezzy Wave.

The Ezzy Wave carries the Ezzy traditions of easy handling and high quality while also being one of the lightest wave sails on the market, with the 4.7 weighing in under the 3kg mark.

When we introduced the first version of the Ezzy Wave in 2020, our goal with the sail was to make a sail that provides early planing and power for onshore conditions as well as dynamic maneuverability and handling for side-shore wave riding.

For 2023, we introduce a new Ezzy Wave with changes across all sizes.

The Ezzy Wave makes us proud because it represents our lifetime of dedication to the craft of sailmaking and—most of all—our love of windsurfing.


With 2 years of testing, we were able to make bigger changes than normal:

– David refined the luff curve to make sure that the sail’s power is in the same place across every size.

– The battens are slightly pulled back from the luff. This is very subtle, so you probably will not notice it when you first look at the sail. The effect is that the sail depowers and flips more easily–a subtle difference but with a big upside that you can really feel.

– The biggest visual change is in the outline on the smaller sails. The 4.0 and down have an extended clew. The biggest advantage is better stability, which is really noticeable for jumping.

– All sizes have a bigger window for more visibility. You’ll be surprised how much this matters!

– The bigger sizes have a more direct power delivery and get going faster when the wind is light.

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