Neil Pryde Heatseeker Top L/S #181

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The purpose of a wetsuit is to ensure warmth and protection while partaking in watersports. They work by trapping a small layer of water between your body and the suit – which in turn is warmed by your body heat, creating a barrier which prevents a significant drop in body temperature, whilst also protecting the skin. Neil Pryde wetsuits are renowned for their quality and fit – the brand was founded by the famous Yachtsman Neil Pryde, who competed at an Olympic level, back in 1970. Since then, its range of watersports equipment has expanded and has remained one of the most popular ranges in the industry. If you’re looking for quality, reliability, and excellent value, look no further than Neil Pryde wetsuits – they are suitable for any water sport, due to the high-quality Armor Skin Neoprene materials they feature. These wetsuits are able to combat even the coldest conditions and most severe windchill. Here at Coast Water Sports offers a variety of Neil Pryde wetsuits to suit a wide range of activities, all available at fantastic prices. Available in a number of materials, fits and forms, you’re sure to find a wetsuit that performs as well as it looks. Browse our range of Neil Pryde wetsuits below.

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