JP Pro Wave 73L 2009 (U-KAPH-WS-12)

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The 2009 Pro Wave is one of those boards which offer performance without compromise. It went through extensive research and development and extreme testing to assure perfect efficiency. It is developed after the 2008 Pro Wave pattern, since the previous version was really successful, but it is enhanced to take wave riding into a new dimension.

The 2009 model is narrower and with longer outline to increase longitudinal stability. The volume is proportionally distributed, so the board has a perfect balance and grip on the water. The concave bottom design and enhanced rails make the board take maximum advantage of the water flow and wind power to deliver an impressive top speed. These features also improve the handling and make the board very responsive and easy to control. It turns and rotates quite fast but remains stable and reliable. The mono concave middle area also provides plenty of pop for early planning and fast acceleration. The tail features a slight V design for an improved power deployment. This makes the board quite aggressive and perfect for hardcore moves. The straight center rocker line provides extra traction, and at the same time minimizes drag and friction to assure a super fast and smooth ride. The full profile of the nose prevents unwanted lifts and allows the rider to tackle any wave by reducing the impact force. The great thing about the JP Pro Wave is that it offers unaltered efficiency in all possible conditions. The board is fast and agile in light or strong wind, in big waves or flat waters. Since the Pro Wave is quite aggressive and very powerful it is targeted towards the advanced and experienced sailor who pushes wave riding limits to extreme.

The JP Pro Wave is available in Pro Edition, built on a Carbon Kevlar and Biax Carbon Structure. This advanced technology makes the board super durable and minimizes weight at the same time. For optimal performance, JP recommends that the Wave Pro should be used with G10 fins and a 4.2 to 6.2 square meters sail, depending on size and volume.

239 x 54.5cm

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