RRD AIR RACE Y25 (10’6”’X25”X6”) (12’6”X26”X6”)

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Inconceivable, but true. With this inflatable board you can paddle as fast as with a hard carbon skateboard. You don’t believe this? Then try the RRD 10’6 Air Race SUP Y25. The narrow nose and straight Outline in combination with a 6 inch profile and an ultra-flat Scoop-Rocker line are the secret for a great sporty but easy to ride board. It is suitable for any SUP aficionado, but also for flatwater racing sportsmen. This year’s Air Race features a lighter Drop Stich Foco PVC core, a Dyneema band on the underwater boat, a fiber-reinforced thermal plastic band on the deck and a new X-Cross anti-torx system. This bead construction extends along the entire length of the board and is therefore stiffer than any other SUP board. This will allow us to achieve greater stiffness at a lower weight. The non-slip and comfortable crocodile Skin pad is very pleasant for the feet even on long rides. However, the special of the RRD Air Race boards is still the edge of the water bubble at the back of the underwater boat and creates a significantly higher and faster gliding ability, which makes every paddle a piece of cake.
Pressure: 15 PSI Race perfect for any SUP lover and racing sportsman, narrow nose, straight, 6 inch profile thickness, Dyneema Belt snwich line, super lightweight, PVC Drop Stich

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