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RRD AIR SURF Y25 (5.2’x20″x2″) (6.2’x20.5″x2″) (7.6’x23″x3″)

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The only way surfing can grow is through the introduction of new people into the sport. That’s why we have introduced this new AIRSURF line.

The Airsurf boards provide you with wide and stable shapes that are designed to help you start and improve quickly.

Inflatable boards dedicated to learners, easy to transport, and super fast to inflate. The perfect choice for surf schools.


AIR SURF 5’2″5’2” x 20”x2”26,1 LTS
AIR SURF 6’2″6’2” x 20½”x2”42 LTS
AIR SURF 7’6″7’6” x 23”x3”54 LTS

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