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For those looking to evolve their sailing the Evolution is the perfect solution. Taking you from beginning to advanced with its 4 and 5 batten design, optimised for ease of use. A large soft panel at the front gives plenty of smooth controllable power to get you up and moving and enjoying windsurfing quickly and effortlessly.


  • Large luff panel for plenty of soft user friendly power
  • New additional stretch control seam through the window for improved stability
  • Wide tuning range – Adaptable and versatile in rigging
  • 5.5 and larger – 5 battens for improved stability and handling
  • 5.0 and smaller – 4 battens for light weight and increased maneuverability
  • 4.5-6.0 – FULL X-ply construction for ultimate in durability
  • 6.5-8.0 – Monofilm windows and leech section for weight savings in larger sizes
  • Integrated trim system for perfect rigging every time
  • Power-Clew system for huge on the water range
  • Performance Construction for the optimum strength to weight ratio.


EVOLUTION X4,5160406RDM/SDM 4004ADJ26EX 44 4.5
EVOLUTION X4,7165410RDM/SDM 4004ADJ26EX 44 4.7
EVOLUTION X5,0170416RDM/SDM 4004ADJ26EX 44 5.0
EVOLUTION X5,5178438RDM/SDM 4305ADJ26EX 44 5.5
EVOLUTION X6,0186448RDM/SDM 4305ADJ26EX 44 6.0
EVOLUTION6,5195457RDM/SDM 4305ADJ26E 44 6.5
EVOLUTION7,0204467RDM/SDM 4605FIXED26E 44 6.5
EVOLUTION7,5212478RDM/SDM 4605FIXED26E 44 7.5
EVOLUTION8,0220488RDM/SDM 4605FIXED26E 44 8.0

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