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High Performance & Quality

This high-quality double-action pump makes pumping up your board a breeze. Switch between high volume or high-pressure modes with a simple switch.

The HP8 by RRD is among the best SUP pumps available on the market. We aren’t pump designers at Honu and don’t pretend to be. When we were deciding which pumps to include with our boards, we wanted the best. Hands down, the best. That is why we partnered with GRI. They make the best pumps on the market and have been doing so for many years.

The Hp8 is a double-action 2L pump. What that means is that there are two modes. Mode #2 is where the pump will transfer air into the board on both the upstroke & downstroke. So 4L of air for every pump stroke. This mode gets your board full of air very quickly. When switched to mode #1 the pump only transfers air into the board on the downstroke, allowing for higher pressures.

The ergonomics of the handle is un-matched by any other pump on the market and while it may seem like a minor thing, it makes a huge difference when getting your board up to pressure. The Honu Hp8 by Honu is a great upgrade for anyone looking for a replacement pump.

Capacity2 L
Pressure Rating26 psi
Modes/ ActionHigh Volume – High Pressure
CompatabilityHonu Boards + Red, iRocker,Fanatic, SIC, RRD, KAHUNA
FeaturesErgonomic Handle
Package InclusionsPump & Hose to fit GRI Valves

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