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RRD KID JOY RIG MKVI (0.8m to 3.5m)

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First impressions count. When a kid feels the power of the wind for the time they can be hooked for life. That is why the Kid Joy makes this as easy to do as possible. All the focus is on producing a light and manageable rig that will see them flying across the water as quickly and effortlessly as possible.


  • Fixed length boom for minimum weight
  • Colour coded for easy recognition on the water
  • Small sizes feature stylish custom printed X-ply
  • Provided with a mast, boom, mast base and uphaul.


RRD reserves the right to change the appearance and specifications of this product at any time and without prior notice.
0.8 + RIG143851ALU 145 CCFIXED23KJSR08
1.0 + RIG158951ALU 160 CCFIXED23KJSR10
1.2 + RIG1731001ALU 175 CCFIXED23KJSR12
1.5 + RIG2031101ALU 205 CCFIXED23KJSR15
2.0 + RIG2331201ALU 235 CCFIXED23KJSR20
2.5 + RIG2631352EPX 265 CCFIXED23KJSR25
3.0 + RIG2931452EPX 295 CCFIXED23KJSR30
3.5 + RIG3081602EPX 310 CCFIXED23KJSR35


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