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The Vogue is the sail for ripping in the waves and handling the toughest conditions. For Y26 we increased the space between the bottom two battens, allowing the sail to breath and react more in the important area around the boom. The results were a touch more power, but at the same time much better control, with the power being really focused in the front of the sail around the boom area where it is easy to control. Whether its jumping, riding or just blasting in highwinds, the Vogue lets you take your sailing wherever you want to go.


  • Wider batten spacing between the bottom two battens for more reaction.
  • Slightly wider head, supported by closer batten spacing, for a touch more drive.
  • Lower clew position for increased control.
  • 100% X-ply for the ultimate in strength, featuring our ‘high visibility’ X-ply window with wide spaced yarns for clear vision.
  • Additional stretch control seam through the window to support the wider batten spacing.
  • Power-Clew system for huge tuneable range.
  • Cross panel construction utilises heavy grade x-ply to create structural support through the centre of the sail.
  • Performance construction for the optimum strength to weight ratio throughout.

    VOGUE HD2.1122/127277RDM 3104ADJ26V 442.1
    VOGUE HD2.4128/133291RDM 3104ADJ26V 442.4
    VOGUE HD2.7139/144298RDM 3104ADJ26V 442.7
    VOGUE HD3.0140/145319RDM 3104ADJ26V 443.0
    VOGUE HD3.4143/148342RDM 3104ADJ26V 443.4
    VOGUE HD3.7146/151355RDM 3404ADJ26V 443.7
    VOGUE HD4.0149/154374RDM 3704ADJ26V 444.0
    VOGUE HD4.2152/157384RDM 3704ADJ26V 444.2
    VOGUE HD4.5156/161396RDM 3704ADJ26V 444.5
    VOGUE HD4.7158/163404RDM 4004FIXED26V 444.7
    VOGUE HD5.0161/166412RDM 4004FIXED26V 445.0
    VOGUE HD5.3166/171420RDM 4004FIXED26V 445.3
    VOGUE HD5.6170/175429RDM 4004FIXED26V 445.6
    VOGUE HD5.9175/180434RDM 4304FIXED26V 445.9


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