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The GO Windsurfer 165, 175 and 195 are our recommendations as a windsurfer’s first board with more glide in non-planing conditions. Instead of a centre fin box, the GO Windsurfer features a fully retractable daggerboard that makes it easier to stay upwind and learn to windsurf, while being more versatile from light to windy and planing conditions.

Equipped with carry handles and a full EVA Deck it is the ideal entry-level and progressive board for everyone.


Crisp and Sharp
The GO 2023 are available exclusively in the new Starlite construction, a significant step up from the standard construction typically used in this price category: lighter weight, stiffer, tougher against impacts and with a crisper, more high-performance feel on the water. It uses a combination of 0.6mm Australian pine wood and glass fibres to combine premium technology with a quality finish in a value package.

GO WINDSURFER 165, 175, 195

A highly efficient and low rockerline and an even volume distribution allows the GO Windsurfer to glide smoothly and fast in light winds, with lots of longitudinal traction. It also lets the board accelerate onto the plane smoothly and more easily than before.

The GO Windsurfer 165, 175 and 195 use our Clipperbox daggerboard system that clicks in and out and can be removed without tools. Position the daggerboard at 45 degrees and pull up to release. The water-sealing rubber lips are ultra-durable and can also be replaced without tools. Learning to windsurf with a daggerboard or centre fin makes it easier to stay upwind while providing additional roll stability.

165 l175 l195 l
263 cm268 cm271 cm
80 cm83 cm87.5 cm
52 cm54.1 cm56.7 cm
11.2 cm14.8 cm14.6 cm
Flat VFlat VFlat V
Drake Freeride Power 48Drake Freeride Power 50Drake Freeride Power 50
ClipperBox DaggerboardClipperBox DaggerboardClipperBox Daggerboard
Tuttle BoxTuttle BoxTuttle Box
42 – 50 cm48 – 54 cm50 – 56 cm
4.0 – 9.0 m24.5 – 9.5 m25.0 – 10.0 m2
13.03 kg13.40 kg14.12 kg


*Center fin not included with the board accessories for the models GO 122 – GO 133 – GO 144 – GO 155

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