Starboard Kode Freewave 86 Carbon Reflex 2019

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The fast rocker, thin rails and thruster fin setup option come together to improve the Kode FreeWaves wave performance while keeping their top speed and directional traction. They offer amazing versatility, performing equally well on flat-water, chop or medium to small waves.The bigger sizes 94 are delivered with the new MFC FreeWave single fin for more speed, more directional stability and earlier planing.

The StarBox fits notched Slot Box fins for fast fit-‘n-go system.
It also fits US box fins for the classic system that pivots to reduce fin damage if you hit the reef.
Lightweight (13 grams) plugs seal unused boxes to reduce drag. Insert and secure them like you would with a Slot Box fin. To remove the plugs, loosen the side screw and push down gently on the front of the plug.


Rails are soft and thin in the nose for a smooth entry into turns without chatter,
allowing you to focus on exiting the turn with speed.

Sharper rails in the mid and back sections enhance grip, control and drive in the turns.
Sharp rails also help to get the board planing quicker, with better water release.


Fast rocker with a low nose angle to reduce drag, maximize control and top speed. A flat between the mast track and front footstrap promotes early planing. A smooth tail-kick gives favor for responsive waveriding.


Starboard’s ‘spiralling Vee’ bottom shape concept combined with a new double concave distribution gives the Kode FreeWaves their responsiveness, grip, reactivity and comfort.

The concaves are slightly shallower compared to the previous models and more evenly distributed throughout the bottom.

TechnologiesCarbon Reflex | Flax BalsaCarbon Reflex | Flax BalsaCarbon Reflex | Flax BalsaCarbon Reflex | Flax Balsa
Volume86 l94 l103 l109 l
Length229 cm231 cm231 cm231 cm
Width60 cm61.5 cm65 cm66 cm
Tail Width38.5 cm38.5 cm41.7 cm42.7 cm
Thickness12.0 cm11.5 cm12.5 cm12.9 cm
Bottom Shape (Tail To Nose)Flat Vee to Double ConcaveFlat Vee to Double ConcaveFlat Vee to Double ConcaveFlat Vee to Double Concave
Footstrap Rows2222
Fins2x Natural Wave 11 + MFC TF 19MFC FreeWave 28MFC FreeWave 30MFC FreeWave 30
Fin Boxes2 x Star Box 1 x US Box2 x Star Box 1 x US Box2 x Star Box 1 x US Box2 x Star Box 1 x US Box
Fin Range10 – 26 cm10 – 28 cm12 – 30 cm12 – 32 cm
Sail Range4.0 – 6.0 m24.5 – 6.5 m25.0 – 7.0 m25.5 -7.5 m2
Weight Carbon Reflex5.7 kg5.8 kg6.2 kg6.3 kg
Weight Flax Balsa6.5 kg6.60 kg7.0 kg7.1 kg

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