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eFoil Cruising: User-friendly, fun and accessible

The stability and suitability for riders of all levels make it an excellent choice for family fun and learning to foil. The product is easy to learn, with low-speed control and a smooth and stable takeoff, making it a popular choice for schools, rentals, and centers to teach efoiling. It’s also good to know that the board is low maintenance, with waterproof and detachable parts.
Overall, the Cruising is a reliable and accessible option for those interested in the sport of efoiling.

The most user-friendly eFoil board. The design focuses on the durability and easy maintenance, maximizing comfort for an accessible, easy-to-use and quick-to-learn experience.
The voluminous, stable, and innovative board shape makes it suitable for riders of all levels and very intuitive to control.

Jet: The jet propulsion is the perfect solution for preventing any type of injury since all the moving parts are safely contained within a tube. With thinner and lighter components, the jet design eliminates drag and delivers an ultra-smooth hydrodynamic performance, all while being completely safe to operate.
The Jet propulsion is delivered with the Kujira Helium 1750 wing set and the E-Mast 65. Propeller: The propeller delivers instant power and adrenaline to your sessions. The extra boost of speed makes take-off easier and combined with a redesigned and more streamlined propeller it enhances your efoiling experience.
The Propeller propulsion is delivered with the Kujira Helium 1500 front wing, the 178 back wing and the E-Mast 65.

EFoil batteries are compact, removable and easy to interchange during sessions. They have a quick charging time with visible charging levels. Extra Lite 20A: The 20A battery is our lightest model, reducing the total weight of the efoil and making transportation more comfortable. The board maneuverability is fully optimized.
Autonomy: up to 45 min.*
Weight: 9,4 kg Lite 25A: The 25A battery model is a smart power solution for your daily efoil sessions. It is the best compromise between weight, autonomy, and performance.
Autonomy: up to 60 min.*
Weight: 10,4 kg Long-range 35A: This model is our most powerful battery, offering the longest autonomy and giving you the opportunity to extend your time on the water.
Autonomy: up to 90 min.*
Weight: 12,4 kg *Autonomy can vary depending on conditions, riding style, and rider level.

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