LOVE your inflatable paddle board ❤

Over time inflatable SUP’s can get dinged, scratched, stained and dirty. To keep your board strong, clean, looking good and functioning as it should there are a few simple steps to follow.

POST session routine

#1   RINSE your board with clean fresh water

#2   DRY it! Let it dry completely, you can expedite

the process with a clean towel

It is best to let your board dry off as much as possible before packing away. If I am paddling regularly, I do not worry too much about making sure it is completely dry. I dry the board with a towel as best I can then deflate it and pack it away. HOWEVER, if your board is going to be stored away for a longer period then definitely make sure the board dries properly. Leaving it wet will promote the growth of bacteria and mold as well as weaken the seams.



When the board is dry, deflate it, TAKE OFF the fins and the leash, roll it up and pack it away inside the storage bag. Keep the bag stored away from the elements and OUT OF DIRECT SUNLIGHT.



One word of caution is NOT to roll the board too tightly when packing it away, it is better for the seams if the board is rolled ‘loosely’ as opposed to very tight.



PLEASE store it away from the elements, in a cool area OUT of direct sunlight and ideally off the ground. All inflatable paddle boards will lose some air pressure over time if the board is left inflated day after day. Therefore, before taking the board out again it would be wise to quickly check the air pressure with the gauge on your pump as you may need to top it up.


Left in extreme heat or in the sun the air inside the board will expand. Air expansion can cause the board’s seams to fail. If your board is left inflated in extremely hot weather or in the sun LET OUT a little air pressure to leave room for expansion.


Scratches and scuffs are quite common and considered normal wear and tear. They are rarely a big issue. Deeper tears or leaks can happen with sharp objects such as rocks, corals, nails, or sharp sticks.

Follow these few simple steps to solve the problem:

STEP 1: Check for leaks by applying fresh water mixed with dish soap over the area. If you see bubbles that means air is escaping.

STEP 2: Deflate the board and clean the area properly.

STEP 3: Let dry completely.

STEP 4: Apply glue from your repair kit to the leak liberally.

STEP 5:  Wait 20 minutes then apply another layer of glue.

STEP 6:  Wait another 20 minutes then apply third layer of glue.

STEP 7:  Take a patch from your repair kit and cut it in a rounded shape a little larger than the area with the leak.

STEP 8: Apply a little more glue to the patch and press it down over the leak.

STEP 9: Press for 2 minutes then wipe away any excess glue.  Apply something heavy like a weight or a clamp.

STEP 10: Wait 24 hours before inflating your SUP again.


If a section of your traction pad begins to peel off or bubbling it is simply a matter of gluing it back down. Add glue from your repair kit under the section that has come loose. Press down for two minutes then leave it for 24 hours.

If the pad is bubbling it is usually sign that you have been leaving your board in the hot sun. If you have bubbles, pierce them with a needle, then put pressure or something heavy on the pad for it to glue itself back. If it does not glue back, you will have to create a bigger hole to put more glue.

Finally, show your inflatable SUP a little extra LOVE!?