Benoit Gauthier has been a passionate windsurfer since 1985.
When visiting the Montreal boat show, he had a revelation when he saw the custom made boards of Guy Rondeau, a shaper from Quebec City (hot moves).

In 1989, Benoit set up in Ste-Rosalie and build his first boards. First orders are coming in. Benoit studies in University at this time but his readings are more windsurf magazines than books. He decides to stop University to be 100% dedicated to building boards under the name WIND OBSESSION.

Benoit has learned to shape boards on his own. Thanks to Jimmy Lewis, his knowledge base has made leaps. Benoit spends a few month a year in Hawaii and Jimmy invites him to spend time in the work This is the beginning of the sandwich technology. Benoit moves to some new facilities in the farm of his father Roger recently retired but always available to give a hand.

Benoit Dumaine joins the team and the business grows. WIND OBSESSION reputation extends to all Quebec, Ontario and even to Cap Hatteras where his boards are sold in the surf of Margaret and Olaf (Avon Sailhouse). The « Benoits » have built 125 boards for the only year 2000.

From 2004 production boards become as good as custom boards. Benoit Gauthier feels the wind is shifting and decides to launch a merchant site for distributing windsurf gear in 2006. It is the beginning of WIND SPIRIT. Already distributor of Ezzy sails, Benoit starts to sell others majors brands.

25 years later, Benoit is still the proud owner of WIND SPIRIT. Roger, his father, is still here helping him. Benoit Dumaine keeps repairing boards.

WIND SPIRIT is now one of the biggest windsurfing, kiteboarding and SUP in North America.

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