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    864.00 CAD$

    Completely redesigned for 2023, our most technologically advanced Slalom sail ever. Designed from the ground up with our new state-of-the-art 3D design software. Entire sail is modeled in 3D in its actual flying shape with twist and luff curve accounted for. Our quadruple luff panel allows us to align panels with the highest loads. Full…

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    NEIL PRYDE V8 2023

    1079.00 CAD$1249.00 CAD$

    SAIL SPECS SIZE LUFF BOOM BASE WEIGHT BATTENS CAMS IDEAL MAST ALTERNATIVE MAST TOP FINISHING M2 CM CM CM KG 5.7 413 182/188 14 4.1 7 2 400 RDM Fixed Head 6.2 430 188/194 30/0 4.5 7 2 400 RDM 430 RDM / SDM Fixed Head 6.7 448 193/199 18 4.7 7 2 430 RDM…

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    849.00 CAD$949.00 CAD$

    SAIL SPECS SIZE LUFF BOOM BASE WEIGHT BATTENS CAMS IDEAL MAST ALTERNATIVE MAST TOP FINISHING M2 CM CM CM KG 5.7 416 178 16/2 4.0 6 0 400 RDM 430 RDM Vario Top (50cm) 6.2 432 184 2/32 4.1 6 0 430 RDM / SDM 400 RDM Fixed Head 6.7 452 190 22 4.3 6…

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    829.00 CAD$869.00 CAD$

    SAIL SPECS SIZE LUFF BOOM BASE WEIGHT BATTENS CAMS IDEAL MAST ALTERNATIVE MAST TOP FINISHING M2 CM CM CM KG 4.8 416 161 16 TBC 4 1 400 RDM Fixed Head 5.7 446 177 16 TBC 4 1 430RDM 430SDM Fixed Head 6.6 479 190 20 TBC 4 2 460SDM 460RDM Fixed Head Sitting right…

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    669.00 CAD$

    Take the freedom of freeride foiling to a new level with our first specifically designed freeride foil sail. 4 battens and 1 mini cam (2 cams on the 6.6m) give the sail an incredibly lightweight yet stable feeling. Super light weight, featuring a very short boom and tight leech, this sail offers great initial planing…

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    Neil Pryde SPX 95 SDM 2021

    669.00 CAD$

    More is less. Being a tiny bit heavier than 100% carbon masts due to a lower carbon percentage (95%), the SDM fully convince with their durability, giving you extra safety and strength.

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    Neil Pryde SPX 65 RDM/SDM

    429.00 CAD$509.00 CAD$

    % carbon. Practically Indestructible. At NeilPryde we believe that 65% carbon content is the minimum you should have to get the maximum out of your sail. In turn we balanced the lower carbon content with fiberglass prepreg layers in the lamination process to make this mast virtually indestructible! The thicker fiberglass wall of the mast makes…

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    Neil Pryde Atlas Pro/HD 2021

    829.00 CAD$

            Back in the CUSTOM PRINTING Our exclusive custom printing technology allows us to print the films prior to lamination, giving us the flexibility to use UV resistant multi-coloured custom graphics. The print is of minimal thickness, reducing weight and producing a higher definition of colour. During lamination, the printed side is…

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    Neil Pryde Combat HD/PRO 2021

    709.00 CAD$

    HIGHLIGHT TECHNOLOGY WHAT’S NEW? @robbyswift After the very positive results we had introducing Ultra Scrim in the top panel last year, we extended it down into the panel below for 2021 as well. Ultra Scrim is about 60% lighter than monofilm so this makes the top of the sail feel dramatically lighter. It also stretches…

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    189.00 CAD$
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    Neilpryde Glide Surf Foil 2020

    599.00 CAD$

    GLIDE SURF creates a playground for building new surfing sensations. With a stable and fast take off no matter the surf conditions, the GLIDE SURF delivers superior gliding and controlled speed to ride waves as far as they can flow. On the wave, the Glide Surf allows you to fly through the sections and progress…

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    Neil Pryde Heatseeker Top L/S #181

    43.99 CAD$

    The purpose of a wetsuit is to ensure warmth and protection while partaking in watersports. They work by trapping a small layer of water between your body and the suit – which in turn is warmed by your body heat, creating a barrier which prevents a significant drop in body temperature, whilst also protecting the…